Frequently Asked Questions.

General questions

Below you can find answers to some of the most common questions regarding AdvisorJob platform. If your question isn't listed above, please feel free to contact us at support@advisorjob.com and we will be quick to respond!

Creating an account is easy. Just visit the link below to join at AdvisorJob. You'll need to enter the basic profile data; such as: name, surname, email address or mobile number.

And while the is being developed, that's all from the time being; so, it's time to start using our platform!.

Start the registration process

No!. Although this is something we initially considered, we need to know who we are dealing with if we are to offer the absolute best when we work with you.

We accept all individuals that make a legitimate and adequate use of the platform. These people must represent physical individuals looking for a job, or career advise. We will provide our talent advisors with mechanisms to identify the professional value of these candidates. Among them: Your professional profile, video presentation and key highlights from your report.

Those cases where people make improper use of the platform violating our Terms of Service, will not be admitted in our platform.

If you have located a candidate who has misused the platform and want to report it please email us support@advisorjob.com with the full name and the reason.

All information you exchange with us will not be shared or disclosed with anyone other than with yourself. The same is true of our report; you will be the only recipient of the report we prepare (that’s the reason why is important for us to have a valid email address, for example).

In the event that you decide to select the package that includes “Talent Advisory” we will share with you, in the first instance, the name of the advisor allocated to you. no information will be provided to the advisor without your consent.

If you forget your password, visit the link below to reset. You'll need to enter your email address associated with your AdvisorJob account.

You'll receive an email in a few minutes. This email includes a link to reset your password. The link can only be used once. If you do not open the link within 10 minutes, start over to receive a new link.

It's good practice to create a unique password for AdvisorJob. Be careful not to share your password in emails or other communication. AdvisorJob support will never ask you for your password.

If you are unable to reset your password or access your account, please get in touch with us at support@advisorjob.com

Recover my password

If you delete your AdvisorJob account, your account is permanently closed and unrecoverable.

Please note once you tap cancel below, your account deletion will proceed without further confirmation. Any outstanding credits granted via support appeasements or legacy promotions will be permanently forfeited, and you will not be able to access them again at any time in the future.

If you're experiencing an issue with your account, payment, or device, please give us the opportunity to support you. We're here to help, and will be sorry to see you go.

Cancel or give us a chance

We support the latest versions of Safari (OS X and iOS), Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 9-11 are also supported. Opera Mini and Android's native Browser are not officially supported.

If you think you've found an issue or have any other questions not covered above, please email us at support@advisorjob.com . Please keep in mind that our current team is quite small and we'll do our very best to get back to you ASAP.