How it Works

If there are three things, these are the three things:

1. Digital Assessment

Our video interview offers an opportunity to tell your story, at this point we are not interested in your CV, we want to offer you an opportunity to take 45 min for yourself, breath and go on a past, present future journey to identify your Potential, drivers and motivations that will help you thrive in this VUCA world. To give you some context of part of what makes us different is we are very aware of how our bias influence our decisions, so as part of the process we have 3 main characteristics: avoiding visual prejudice, focusing in your answers and in your story.

2. Personalised Career Report

Personalised Career Report, with data and insights to support talent career choices. Look at data any way you like for richer insights — from the big picture to the smallest detail. Our dashboard reporting tools allow users to visualize data in many forms: summary reports, charts, maps, calendars, and timelines.

3. Leadership Dialogue

The purpose to be connected to a Leader/Mentor is for them to help you focus the outcome of this report in the most strategic way. The idea is that once we have moved from content to context and we both are aware of your Potential , is to complement it with leaders experience and take it to the next level in order for you to achieve business goals and objectives.

Find Work, Get Hired

We are not here to decide for you or tell you what to do. But we will provide stimuli you may want to use as you make career choices. Our talent advisors are experienced VP/SVP/C level professionals often active in the marketplace that will offer their experience, perspective and knowledge of the market to your advantage.